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Notable Inc. Music Academy offers voice & musical instrument lessons

Voice Lessons:

Under the direction of renowned and accomplished Tenor Vocalist Pasquale Esposito; Notable Inc. Music Academy offers a positive approach to voice lessons with an emphasis on Opera, based on the international, award winning bel canto theory. Mr. Esposito believes that each student is unique, and will create a custom instructional program designed to meet the individual’s needs. Traditional 1-hour lessons could include but not be limited to: technique, vocal exercises, music reading skills, theory, and studying specific songs.

Instrumental Lessons:

Notable Inc. Music Academy also offers 1-hour private lessons in playing piano, bass, guitar, and drums. Students will learn from qualified professional instructors.

Comprehensive goal-setting to attain a quantifiable measurement of success:

Prior to engaging in the instructional process, Notable Music Academy instructors will meet with the each student to discuss and strategically determine each student’s goals. ¬† Each applicant is screened on ability, personality, reliability and teaching style to ensure a successful and enjoyable learning experience.


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