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managementNotable, Inc.’s artist management team develops and sustains all income streams related to the business and the strategic marketing and growth of their artists.

Managers assigned to Notable, Inc.’s artist roster maintain key relationships with agents, promoters and record companies in relation to their artists.

Managers clarify and address all of the legal and contractual issues involved in music management on behalf of their artists as well as identify the key legal and contractual issues which exist when planning live performances locally and internationally.

The managers consult with attorneys housed in the Notable legal department. Further, managers identify the key factors in developing the recorded repertoire of an artist and examine personal image, styling, presentation, internet presence, personal webdesign, and the stage performance of a music act.

Our Artists are:

Pasquale 1

Pasquale Esposito


Born in Naples, Italy, Pasquale Esposito is a classical trained tenor. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in music that specialized in vocal performance. He is an international recording and performing artists. Esposito performs both classical and pop-opera styles in Italian, Neapolitan, Spanish, English, French and German. He is set to release his second TV Special: Pasquale Esposito Celebrates Italian Piazzas in March 2018. This is a follow up to his successful 1st PBS Special on Enrico Caruso in 2015.
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Amy Baker


Amy Baker, vocalist, has been entertaining audiences around the world since age 17. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Amy now resides in the San Francisco Bay area where she can be found performing regularly when not on the road. Having graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Vocal Performance, Amy’s vocal training focused on opera and musical theater. Her true jazz training came not from school, but from growing up with a father who’s musical talents were rooted in jazz., and then going on to do it herself on the road all over the world.
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Ettore Gatta


Ettore Gatta was born in Naples, Italy. He is the son of an outstanding guitarist Giuseppe Gatta.
Ettore is an accomplished pianist, producer and conductor. He has perfect pitch. This rare quality makes him an amazing musician and sound engineer.
He studied music in Italy with the best teachers since he was a little child.
He loves all genres of music. Ettore started his career when he was 15 years old and since then has been playing all over the world. Because of his touring experiences outside of Italy, he has been influenced with international styles which has strengthened him as a producer of several CDs. In Italy, he has performed on several national television programs including RAI MEDIASET.
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Neil MacPherson


Released in February of 2008, Solace, is the first solo recording from pianist Neil MacPherson. For over 20 years, Neil has been performing across the country and around the world as part of various bands. Neil has studied songwriting at the University of Northern Colorado and University of California Los Angeles.
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Renato Serio


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Juanita Harris


An accomplished classical singer as well, she says “I love my classical, old school R&B and a little hard rock, too, but apparently singing jazz is where my voice likes to be.” Juanita performs with The Choral Project, Tuesday Nite Live and other big bands, church gigs, theatre groups and voice-over work.
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NEXUNO is a dynamic vocal duo composed of Davide Vinci and Davide Paccassoni. They present innovation in music by mixing romantic melodies with R&B.
They perform all over the world and have been guests on many television shows.
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Cover String Girls

(Marcella Schantz, Patti Weiss, Catherine Matovich)


Cover Girl Strings is a hot trio of veteran string players who have performed with a bevy of stars: Josh Groban, The Gipsy Kings, Mary J Blige, Trans-Siberian Rock Orchestra, Neil Diamond, Smokey Robinson (to name a few). All three musicians have had a multitude of experience in a wide variety of musical styles that range from classical to rock n’ roll to World music .
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Carolé Acuña


Carolé Acuña is an internationally acclaimed dancer and one of the leading performance artists in today’s dance scene. She is a choreographer as well as artistic director and has toured both nationally and internationally.
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Michelle Hawkins


Michelle Hawkins is a jazz vocalist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She love books, ice cream and the San Francisco Giants.  Michelle shares her life with her husband Phil and her daughters Marcena & Sophie.


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Christian Tamburr


Christian Tamburr is an award winning multi-instrumentalist, accomplished on the vibraphone, piano and drumset as well as world and orchestral percussion. Christian is currently the leader of the critically acclaimed Christian Tamburr Quartet which since 2004 has toured around the world with notable performances at Lincoln Center in New York City, The Kennedy Center for the Performing arts in Washington DC, The Blue Note, and the North Sea Jazz Festival. Christian Tamburr has performed as a guest artist with Dave Brubeck, as a solo percussionist with Michael Feinstein, and opened for Harry Connick Jr. In February of 2007, Christian joined Latin vocal star Julio Iglesias as his featured pianist and musical director. For the past year, Christian has been under contract with Cirque du Soleil as musical director for a brand new production.
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Sani Sasmita


Originally from Indonesia, Sani Sasmita is a much sought-after bass player who just loves to play. Sani has been playing bass for 20+ years and has recently performed with such artists as Tammy Hall, Noel Catura, and Keisha Brown. Because of his musical passion, no matter what the genre… Jazz, Brazilian Jazz or R&B… Sani brings an unmistakably funky rhythmic groove that keeps everybody feelin’ it!
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Maria is an award-winning professional dancer specializing in Middle Eastern dance. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Maria currently resides in the Bay Area. She can be found performing regularly at popular Arabic, Persian and Turkish venues and events and teaching oriental dance classes. Her elegant and cheerful dance style made her a sought-after entertainer in the Middle Eastern community. Maria is featured on several performance and instructional Bellydance DVDs and travels to perform and teach internationally. In 2009 she won a prestigious title “Belly Dancer of the Year”.
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Carmine Napolitano


Carmine Napolitano was born in Naples, Italy on March 1, 1968.
Carmine developed his incredible passion for playing the drums at the age of 11. He began formal studies at that time.
Currently, he splits his time by performing live/touring and in the recording studio with many artists throughout Europe and the USA.
In 1998, Carmine became the lead drummer for Gigi D`Alessio, one of Italy’s top male pop-singers. Aside from touring worldwide with D’Alessio for several years, Carmine recorded four CDs and several singles with him. Carmine has three children: two sons and a daughter. Alessandro, one of his sons, has taken on the very passion for the drums and aspires to be like his father one day.

Sussy Flanigan


Sussy Flanigan, Vocalist. Born in Bloomington, Indiana Sussy Flanigan has been singing Opera since the fifth grade. She majored in Music Education and Business and bought a one way ticket to California after college. Sussy is a mother of three and an entrepreneur. She is also the proud owner of the Dutch Flat Hotel Event and Retreat Center in the Sierra Nevada Mountains ofNorthern California. Sussy enjoys singing as a guest performer at many Bay Area events as well as concerts at her Event Center in Dutch Flat. 
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Rick Vandivier


Rick Vandivier is a guitarist who has found inspiration in influences that stretch from Andres Segovia to Pat Metheny to Jimi Hendrix. His performances are daring, soulful, and evocative. In a recent concert review, Jean Bartlett (Pacifica Tribune) wrote: “the amazing guitar licks provided by Vandivier cultivated a whole new threshold of wow… Vandivier opened the show with a piece which galloped the triumphant poetry of Madrid while caressing the edges of Segovia, Feliciano and Montoya. Extraordinary musicianship with plenty of sweets…”. Rick has been performing and recording in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 30 years. In addition to his work with Nate Pruitt in Primary Colors, Rick has been active in numerous other projects as a guitarist and composer, including leading his own ensemble. To find out more about Rick’s ensemble and his new CD, Vandivier, please visit
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Marcella Schantz, Patti Weiss, Catherine Matovich


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